About GeoTales Madrid

After the succesfull GeoTales workshop at Imal, Esther Polak was invited to conduct a  GeoTales  workshop in the cotentext of Rencontres Internationales at A2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madris, ES  April 17-19 2009

Conceptual Framework

The workshop did focus on the tension between “objective mapping” and subjective mapping” and how locative media relate to both. At this moment in time many possibilities of GPS data collection and visualization are available mapping becomes more and more personalized. Does mapping thus become a story telling tool for everybody? Now that we can easily combine GPS with other personal data such as photo, video or audio what does this bring? Will proposed geosophy of John K. Wright in his lucid 1946 article “Terrae Incognitae: The Place of Imagination in Geography” become true and available for everybody? If google maps becomes the standard of personalized mapping, how subjective it still can be? or do we need to design more flexible, software tools?


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