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The book is ready!

February 24, 2011

Chris finalized the book on the  workshop Drawing with Satellites 2011

It is available for only £3,95


Geotales Workshop at ECA

February 4, 2011

On February 1-2 Esther conducted a Geotales workshop at the Edinburgh College  of Art in collaboration with Chris Speed. Based on 3 assignments, about 100 Architecture students produced a series of very nice projects.
Of each I present here one  example of the many beautiful workshop results:

1 -Work with 2 lines:

1)Middle Meadow Walk
2)Lecture Theatre
6)Material Shop
7)Work Shop
8)Middle Meadow walk

2 -Relocate an existing, meaningful route.

Reversed Home
We listed the directions that we take on our way from home to University and used them to
instruct our directions for walking home. Left became right and right became left.

3 -Draw a spiral

“Spiral Of Life: A geographical journey marking a life story, covering 80 years in 2 hours.
0 years, Lauriston hospital – born at the spiral centre.
5-11 years, George Heriot school – cheeky but well-behaved.
12-17 years, St Thomas Of Aquinas R C high school – intelligent and friendly.
18-21 years, ECA- student representative and studies passionately.
22 years, McEwan Hall – graduates with a 2.1.
23-25 years, Sainsburys – takes a part-time job while deciding on career.
26-65 years, Deans Leslie & Co. – persuasive personality and ability to talk to anyone.
30 years, King’s Hall church – meets The One, white wedding.
80 years, St Peter’s church graveyard – end to a long, happy life.”