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Grounded ships

December 31, 2013

It is doubtlessly a peaceful image: blue sky, calm sea view with an ever-receding horizon, ships thrown somewhat haphazardly on the sand. When I gave this Urban Fruit Street Wrapper, created by Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum, to my friend Dik, his first guess was that this was a beach in Greece. We had been there many times and in summer time, ships are often put on the beach. He was dead wrong.


Concern about the environment was a dominant theme after I had woken up to the world, which happened only around my 15th birthday. I was a slow guy, my first fifteen years I was basically not really paying much attention. Too comfortable in the warm embracement of my mother and father (and brother and sisters). But after I was propelled into the real world (by an acute life threatening disease), the environment was one of the two main topics I was shocked about (the Klu Klux Klan and racism in the US was the other topic). I read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and a pile of related books. This continued after I started my study in chemistry at the university (after my 17th birthday). At the time, we were particularly concerned about chemicals and nuclear energy. Now being 62, I still read and think about environmental issues, (more…)


The location of “The Question” was present at the resulting ceremony

May 27, 2013

South West Portugal

Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

Drones / Birds: Princes of Ubiquity

April 13, 2013

130410-Opening Droneskl

Drones / Birds: Princes of Ubiquity exhibition in Brussels
Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

For more images of the exhibition set up: (more…)

Their Paths Divided Here

April 12, 2013


Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

She lives on a symmetrical crossing of streets

April 2, 2013


Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

He walks to the sound of the waves

March 25, 2013


Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

He leaves his house to walk his dog in shorts

March 23, 2013


Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

He conducts a workshop in a traditionalist building

March 10, 2013


Her bike was stolen

January 28, 2013


Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper

She and her family were traveling with their houseboat.

December 18, 2012



Part of Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper