About Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper


Wrappers already purchased (true examples) be found here

A fruit wrapper is a clever low tech, well-tested and cozy way to turn 2D into 3D. Urban Fruit Street – Wrapper uses this trustworthy method to transform the virtual world of Google Streetview panoramas effectively into physical objects. Each wrapper is one panoramic picture, a bowl of fruit can be a whole street or neighbourhood. Via our Service you can hold this bowl, you can finally hold Google’s world in your hand, and decide for yourselves if you want to carefully keep its imagery for future generations, or happily throw it away after consuming.

If you send us (contact(at)polakvanbekkum.nl) the location of your liking, we produce three oranges of which one is wrapped in the streetview panorama of your choice. All wrappers are numbered and signed.
Prices 100 euro’s ex 6% VAT and transport. You can earn a discount of 25 euro’s for sending us the story that goes with you location, another 25 euro’s if you post the text on you own social networks (with link to the project), and another 25 euro’s if you ad a relevant picture to the text/post. TimeBank Notes are accepted as well.

Wrappers already purchased (true examples) be found here

to order a print please send an email to

Code by Peter Robinett

The project will be part of the exhibition
Drones / Birds – Princes of Ubiquity
Rue Brabant Brussels
11-21 April 2013

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