Tree Spirograph


In addition to the visual effect of the patterns, we wanted to know what the act of Spiral Drawing does to us as performers. We purchased a set of Spirograph through a second hand web-shop, still in its original red box. When it was delivered we were able to start our experiments. Soon we found different ways to make the drawing interesting to us: we made use of a pen that runs out of ink, or we used watercolor that got smudged by the drawing wheel. Because we had just recently worked with The National Canta Ballet, we knew the power of imperfection as never before. As with the Canta-cars, we saw a choreography emerge from our patterns that derived their meaning and aesthetics from imperfection.

Now we found a starting point that worked for us, and we left the studio to do some sand-works. Here again we loved the moments in witch the mathematical intention is infiltrated with small mistakes: At those points a story of expectation unfolds, geometrical expectation if that is a category….

During the act of drawing, there is the magic of space, that unfolds circle after circle. As soon as the drawing becomes to perfect, the spell is broken.

Small moments of imperfection are needed during the drawing with rope and bottle. Real truth can only touch us in bits and pieces.


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