Peek inside


During our round through the harbour asking fishermen to cooperate in our project we met Robin, skipper of the Scheveningen 45. He told us that he would be doing a 3 hour fishing trip for students of the Shipping and Transport college in Katwijk and that we could join. We ofcourse accepted this invitation immediately! It is kind of unique because those trips normally take 4-5 days and it is not common practice to take people along because you would be standing in the way all the time.
On the first of october we did the trip. Sun, almost no wind, and a glimpse inside the way our daily fish (in this case sole, plaice, flounder, turbot and brill) is caught. But what’s more: the feeling of fishing vessel mobility in a space without an end. Ok, they also served us delicious fresh fried sole!

Fishing in space.

The Skipper (sitting on the chair, rigth), the Students and the Teachers. These were first year students. Some of them from fisher families, but al lot of them have other backgrounds.

The crew.


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