Vast + Isolation = Loneliness


photo: Ludmila Rodrigues
text: Marloes van Son

Today was a day of contrasts: in the morning I wanted to avoid the crowd that gathered for ‘Prinsjesdag’, so I went to surf-village F.A.S.T. early. But being early meant that there was no-one around…
The focus of my group is ‘vastness’ by means of isolation and that was exactly the experience I had while moving from a crowded space to loneliness. (I know that ‘vastness’ is not an existing word, but i’m still going to use it)
I got even more lonely… When the other groups swarmed out, working on their projects, I was left behind: My group mates decided to not show up.
I blame our theme for these events: This would’ve never happened if we didn’t take isolation as our focus within this vast project. Though I hope that from all these vast/ isolated/ lonely experiences our work will grow even ‘vaster’. (Probably ‘vaster’ doesn’t exist either, but you know what i mean)

some other considerations:
– artificial seaweed apparently needs to be guarded
– hearing your own voice on a recording isn’t pleasant
– most people don’t like the sound of metal


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