The magic yellow jacket


photo: Esther Polak
text: Ben Terwel

Today was the second attempt to the swarming out colored sand performance, or, as I would like to call it, “the pedestrian’s fan”. Me and Aron were the bait; we handed out the bottles with red colored sand and the GPS-Loggers. The others were the catchers; collecting the empty bottles and handing out a flyer with the blog address (and hopefully have a nice chat with the pedestrians). We all had one thing in common: a yellow jacket. And not just any yellow jacket; a magic one. The jacket allows the wearer to temporarily gain the status of a public person. Someone important, or at least respected, but most of all; standing out on the vast beach. Not only made it the experiment all the more easy for the bait to explain that the bottle had to be returned to one of the catchers, it also attracted attention, even curiousness, from none-expecting pedestrians.

Sadly, the magic only lasted for a short time, just until a pedestrian had approached the bait. Then the bait had to do it on his own again. Soon, questions came from the pedestrians, such as “Why here and not in the forest?” and “Is this a research or an artwork?” and even “Is this research funded (by my tax-money)”. They all had one thing in common: what we were doing there, why we were doing it, but especially: what is it? The bait always started by saying it was a research by a small group of students. But of course the pedestrians asked from which university we came. And since when does someone from an art academy conduct research? Now this was something quite difficult to explain, not having the yellow magic about you anymore…


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