Meester Mesdag


After having presentations, our Journey towards vastness led us to the
pictoresque and enormous panaroma of H.W. Mesdag. I think I can speak
for all in saying that dizziness is now an officially acknowledged
effect of vastness. Especially when combined with background sounds of
cheesy classic music and tourist information-voices 🙂
Some things we have learned today (please understand that personal
perspectives of the writer might overshadow the complete group

– We all like Solaris by Tarkovsky or Stanislaw Lem and not by George
Clooney, although that one is closer to the original novel.
– The prison in the movie “THX 1138” is probably endless.
– There’s a resemblance between William Turner and Mesdag
– Burgenland is a very windy place
– Wi-fi signals are very low if you have lot of metal in your home
– We need to make borders to vastness in order to not let it become an
endless topic with too vast results!

There is still much much more to follow, as we are just starting our
“vast” journey here. (by Moritz Geremus)

Charlotte and Moritz in front of two of H.W. Mesdag’s paintings. Photo by Marloes van Son


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