Endless possibilities


The vastness of matter, the vastness of our cells tissues, the vastness of bits throughout the Internet. When it comes to grandness we think of infinity, not-knowing, the sublime. But if vastness has to do with space (in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction), then our perception plays a key role. Things are only great or limited in relation to our senses and our scale. In order to comprehend the vastness of the universe we use our minds, our culture and our language to organize it. Our minds decide what’s there, within our immediate surroundings. Endless possibilities. (Ludmilla Rodrigues)

One container, two researchers, eight students, ten artists, two missing, one harbor, a few ships, the water surrounding us, from all directions, driven by the oceans, by the earth and by the unceasing wind. (photo’s Charlotte ‘t Hart)


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