Fisher vessels


Yesterday I visited Roger Reubzaet, harbor master in Scheveningen, and he gave me the names of two vessels that might want to cooperate in our project. So this morning at 7 I stood in front of the SCH10 (which means Scheveningen 4), a ship owned by Arie Rog.

Arie Rog, repairing his nets on board his shrimp trawler, the SCH10

The vessel had just unloaded its cargo, shrimps, at the fish auction. Standing on the quay I explained Arie Rog, the owner, the purpose of the project. He explained that he sails every sunday or monday and returs either thursday or friday. Since he fishes for shrimp he stays close to the coast. He wondered if that was interesting enough, because he could guide me to a vessel that fishes more of coast. For us, both tracks are interesting, so I left a gps-logger with him and left for the GO4 (Goedereede 4). Also the owner of this vessel, that fishes for flatfish, was more then willing to cooperate. So next week we will have 2 new tracks. Good catch for the first week.

The GO4.


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