Daily routines


After my second morning stroll along the beach, a fine way to get rid of my sleepy morning mood, I start to recognize the starting daily routines: first surfers, cleaning of the beach, food deliveries for the beach restaurants, early dog walkers, garbage trucks, first signs of an event coming up that day (yesterday a volley ball tournament, today an oldtimer tour). The culture or human factor is a basic mixture of leisure and leisure economy. Nature is a basic and very present mixture to, of land, water and air.
The structure of the beach and beach side is also interesting. It is full of signs to make that clear. And since the boulevard is renovated to prepare it for the rise of the sea level, there are even more signs then normal: for dangerous currents, Dick Bruna-signs to point out to your kids where they are on the beach, for new boulevard benches, for more swimming danger, for lots of beach prohibits (barbecueing, horse riding, dog walking, biking etc), for events, for information on the new boulevard, for citizen watch and of course lots of commercial signs.
So basically we now already have a kind of data set to represent the beach. But that was not the dataset we were looking for, were we?

Beach cleaning truck

Sign warning for dangerous currents. Which is also the border between te wave surfers and the kite surfers. And at the kite surfers side there is a sign warning the swimmers for kite surfers.


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