Looking back, an overview of the workshop


The workshop, though relatively short, was an intense few days in which I was glad to get to know our participants better. We had an interesting group that was already quite knowledgeable on the subject of mapping. Carla for instance pointed us to some works we hadn’t seen before in which the links between text and location was explored, called 21 steps. Funnily enough it was Gelo who later came up with visualpin, which did much the same but for video.

Our first meeting on thursday

Our first meeting on thursday

Not wanting to waste time we first met in the hotel Paseo del Arte’s lobby on thursdaynight to have a first round of introductions. We had a cup of tea and discussed the backgrounds of the participants, ending with some homework: Carla and Gelo would also give a little presentation about some works they mentioned this first night.

The next day the workshop (as well as the festival) started. After some initial struggle to get our equipment and location set-up smoothly, Esther and I as well as our participants gave our start-up presentations. Esther gave her presentation in which she links conceptual art of the 70s as well as the practise of Geosophy to current GPS works, citing their underlying similarities. Next, I gave a general overview of the field of locative media and the forces at play in shaping its future. Carla gave a presentation about the existing storytelling-maps (including the above mentioned), Gelo showed us the results of his search to find ‘the grandfathers’ of all locative artworks, the very first instances of some of the more recurring concepts. Alejandro finally gave a presentation about his own workshops in Tokyo that combined activism and record keeping in a struggle to save a neighbourhood from economic redevelopment.

We finished the day by handing the participants GPS loggers to record their trips home and back. We jointly headed back into Madrid for the opening event of the festival.

The third day was started by having a look at the recorded tracks. It was fun to see how the GPS logger had perfectly captured Gelo’s motorcycle trip, including the wrong turns he made. The participants homes in Madrid were also shown beneath a big cloud of GPS positions as they had left on their loggers during the night.

They spent the day creating their concepts, about which they’ll tell more.

The last day, sunday, the results of the workshop were presented to the audience.

preparing the presentation

preparing the presentation

Carla and Gelo presenting

Carla and Gelo presenting

Thus we rounded up our workshop. The Google Earth file from the presentation will be made available later, which will give access to more pictures and some videos.


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  1. gelo Says:

    Thanks Tijmen for this summary. We’ll publish the final files and project info soon.

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