Looking for a starting point


Looking for a very temporal and clean way to draw and write freely in the city of Móstoles, we realize that we could use just water, instead of other materials like chalk or graffiti. With water we will make hiper-temporal interventions all over the streets, and documented it with photos and video.

We discovered that Móstoles celebrate every 15th May a a party called “Día del Agua”. This party remembers the day when the water arrives cleaner to the city in the 80s through the huge “Canal de Isabel II” (The Canal have their own foundation devoted also to art). This is a very nice video about its water structures (wow 3D included):

Another information sources are this article from Emilio Guerra about the history of the Canal, another one from El Pais newspaper with a short introduction of the recent history of Móstoles, these maps and graphics of the Canal in Móstoles, and this technical article.

Lets see what else we find..


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